Another build for European Car Magazine, this was the first Cup-Widebody W/ABT Hollow composite cams and ABT full headers.

Today, many Enthusiasts are desperately searching components to build the Ultimate water-cooled ABT CUP 3.0!                                (This particular crown jewel has succeeded it!)

Sometimes a simple front BBR lip will do!

The Benchmark, the "OG JT ABT CUP"-it was built in late 1992, ABT parts arrived before the car did! Why was this car so important? The car was a complete ABT Tuning parts- you find the fundamental in the multi-million dollar cars today; Remember Tuning builder's- bragging rights always applied to who was first or they would never put there last name on the car.

(After the build many VR6 followed with monster 3.0 cup)

​ABT was the first to install these kind of rotors for VW

Indeed a lucky day for me, a prestigious German car magazine just tested the "shit" out of this first build Abt Cup 3.0 for the Autobahn!

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The original screen shot from ABT on the Cup MK3

Here is another first, a Konig Rally style wide-body. A full story very soon, just need to find Tens of thousands of pictures!

​Built this for another favorite Tuning Magazine

Tidbits of a build; ABT CUP 3.0

Most people just don't know what it takes behind the scenes to build anything back then; there was no Technology like today, CNC machines(It was extremely expensive)3D printer whats that? CAD what? You get my point.

The chassis must be stripped and some weld mods, special Cup wide body fenders, and flares were fused on.

The Abt mirrors, light bucket, Front grill, Front spoiler, rear wing, all made from unique materials that require molds very costly! While the Abt Engine experts are busy, ABT had to get the suspension dialed in. Who do you go to? One of the biggest and the best of course! Bilstein there is a problem if you want to do it right; high-speed on the Autobahn and track capability -a whole new thinking "methodology needed to develop for mass-production"! A Track Style coil-over has been around since F1; not street cars, Bilstein was the first to put coil-over suspension on the market. Who was going to develop wheels with such wide stance? One wheel builder comes to mind; the guys behind  F1 wheels no other than OZ racing. Abt designs the style; OZ did the blueprint, an exclusive three-piece modular.
The front DTM splitter was hand-made from carbon-fiber nobody even knew what CF was!

Complete Stainless Exhaust contracted from Sebring; individual brakes was contracted by Brembo-Brembo who?

Hand-built stainless headers and the Engine will be built by somebody from the ABT "DTM" dept!

A transmission massaged! The entire interior was Carbon/Kevlar straight from the ABT DTM race car, all in Alcantara; "Alcantara" WTF is that? The Dash was Digital from Formula 3, all electronically rewired, of course, a Race car inspired ABT/Nardi Hand sewed steering wheel with a handmade ABT CNC billet shift knob, and First ever MOMO/ABT Kevlar Racing seat!

ABT commissioned the Best Hand-made strut bars-Front and Rear. The Continental tires got involved with some unique tire size just for the Cup you will only find in Germany.

Some final touches, hand-made DTM themed exhaust tips(it is so beautiful you can display it in your home in a glass case!).

BBR front lip with "17 Hartmann-Motorsport 3 piece modular."

​ABT was the first to use F1 type camshaft for VW

​ABT also developed special brake lines-"in-house"

On this day, I visited a Porsche Tuner-After ABT's visit I have forgotten who I visited.

​ABT designed and invented the dual-round headlight kit for A3 model,,,,,

​ABT is the very first to start a trend that lasted for decades the "DTM" exhaust tip,,,,,now theses tips can go for as much as $300ea